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How does it work?

Provide topics, generate posts, increase traffic

1. Provide your topics (e.g. "sales techniques")

2. Simulai generates titles for your posts (e.g. "5 best online sales techniques in 2023") or you add your own title

3. Simulai generates blog post for each and every generated title (you can edit, customize, regenerate or turn off your post)

4. Set up your custom domain (e.g. "") and put link to it on your website

5. Upload sitemap.xml to Google Search Console (generated by simulai)

6. People will find your "niche" posts in Google. You gain your traffic via long tail SEO.


Customise people impression

Use logo of your company

Use your domain name

Add your own title for a given topic

Add promotion text about your service or business

Turn ON/OFF a given post if you like/don't like it

Turn ON/OFF a given topic if you like/don't like it

Add backlink to your original business

You can edit manually a given post's content to improve its quality

You can regenerate content of your post if you don't like it

Provide a hint to our AI system what post should be generated (e.g "make it more technical")

Upload generic header image

Customize AI-generated post's header image

Customize post's colors (background, text)

Inject your Google Analytics, Live Chat, or other script


Check which posts convert the best

Check number of page views of your posts

Check time spent per post

Analyze conversion rate of your posts

Your results will depend on topics provided by you: competition and relevance to your business. We recommend you to review your generated posts, edit and improve them or just turn off accidental low quality posts.

Case Study

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Our Marketing Team is incredibly excited about Simulai. We use it to promote one of our niche products and results are really great.


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I am already using it for one of my projects. Results are incredible.



I'm in love with this software - it's extremely high quality.



Great tool. We love it. We'll use it to promote one of our websites.



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