Build AI Surveys Like A Text Document That Feel Like Conversations

Craft interactive forms and surveys effortlessly, mirroring natural conversations, all powered by AI. Perfect for collecting valuable insights and captivating users with engaging surveys, where AI interacts and responds to your queries. Our tool draws inspiration from Notion's simplicity and is entirely free and open-source.

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Spice Up Your Surveys: Surprise & Engage Your Customers!

Old "boring" survey as a form

Introducing the new "AI" survey—chat just like with a human!

Build your conversational form like a document and provide AI context

Simulai is a fresh take on online form building—it operates akin to a document. Simply begin typing and insert blocks. Drawing inspiration from Notion's simplicity, our user interface allows you to construct your chatbot linearly, block by block, executing logic in sequence. Supply context data for AI to engage users in meaningful survey conversations!


Minimalistic, yet forceful

Contact info

Capture Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Emails & Web Links


Capture Integers, Decimals, Ranges, Floats...


Let Express Opinions Through Easy Ratings, Scales, and Rankings


Let Users Upload Files, Documents, Videos, Images, GIFs, and more...

Date & Time

Let Users Select Date & Time Easily

Add logic

Add Conditional Logic, Make Chatbots Intelligent


Choose From List Of Templates For Product, Office, Events, Marketing, ...

Simulai is an open-source project with code shared on GitHub. Take control by hosting it yourself or effortlessly leverage our free cloud hosting services.

We are Privacy-friendly

Ensuring your privacy and security is paramount to us. Compliant with GDPR regulations, we handle your data with utmost care and confidentiality. Your form data is securely encrypted both during transmission and while at rest.


What customers are saying

Our Analytics Team is incredibly excited about Simulai. We use it to make surveys for one of our niche products and results are really great.


Marketing Manager

I am already using it for one of my projects. Results are incredible.



I'm in love with this software - it's extremely high quality.



Great tool. We love it. We'll use it to do survey for our R&D purposes.




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