Find & Email Websites Built With Specific Tech

With our service, you can effortlessly create customized email campaigns aimed at websites utilizing specific technologies. Choose from a database of 35 million websites to find those using platforms like LiveChat, Shopify, and many others (3k technologies), ensuring your outreach is precise and effective.

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Find Websites Built With Given Technologies

Discover websites using specific technologies and obtain their contact information. Create and launch email campaigns to promote your product as a superior solution to their needs.

Define Complex Search Criteria

Define detailed search criteria to precisely find websites that match your specific needs.

Suggest New Technologies for Tracking

As a small startup, we deeply value each of our clients and strive to offer the best service possible. If there are specific technologies you would like us to track, please contact us. Your feedback is crucial, and we are committed to adapting to your needs to provide a more comprehensive service.


What customers are saying

This service has transformed our outreach strategy. We can now easily find websites built with specific technologies and send targeted email campaigns. The results have been outstanding.


Marketing Manager

Using this service for our latest project has been a game changer. The ability to reach out to websites based on specific technology criteria is incredibly effective.



I'm thoroughly impressed with how easy it is to create targeted email campaigns. The quality and precision of the results are top-notch.



This tool is fantastic. We've been using it for our R&D email campaigns and the targeted approach has significantly boosted our engagement rates.




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